Countering Alice: The Mage Heroes You Need in Mobile Legends

In the ever-evolving world of Mobile Legends Season 31, Alice has become a force to be reckoned with. With a Ban Rate of a whopping 80 percent in the Mythic tier, players are on high alert when it comes to facing this formidable hero. However, fear not, as we’ve got the lowdown on five Mage heroes who can effectively counter Alice and turn the tables in the Land of Dawn.

Understanding the Alice Challenge

Alice is causing quite a stir in Mobile Legends Season 31, especially in the Mythic tier, where her Ban Rate is a whopping 80 percent. High-tier players are quick to ban her, but if you’re in lower ranks, watch out – these hero might just sneak up on you. Despite her recent update making her a bit scarier, she’s not invincible. Her early-game damage and powerful skills make her tough, but every hero has a weakness.

Meet the Mage Heroes to the Rescue

When Alice is on the loose, these Mage heroes are ready to take her down:

  1. Lylia – The Magic Spinner
    Lylia is quick and packs a punch, making her a great match against Alice. With her speedy moves and cool skills, Lylia can dodge Alice’s attacks while dishing out some serious damage. Her Magic Shockwave ultimate can be a game-changer, catching by surprise.
  2. Kagura – The Umbrella Master
    Kagura is all about agility and control, making her a solid opponent for Alice. Using her umbrella skills, Kagura can outsmart, mess up her plans, and deal some heavy damage. That umbrella of hers becomes a powerful tool to control the battle and keep in check.
  3. Valir – The Son of Flames
    Valir brings fiery power and control to the fight, making him a top pick against Alice. His flames can limit Alice’s moves and make her an easy target. Valir’s burst damage can quickly SLOTJARWO turn things around in a showdown.
  4. Harith – The Time Traveler
    Harith is all about moving in and out of combat, perfect for dealing enemy. His agility and continuous damage can overwhelm enemy, making it tricky for her to strike back. Harith’s unpredictable moves will definitely keep guessing.
  5. Luo Yi – The Yin-yang Geomancer
    Luo Yi is a unique choice with cool time and space skills, making her fascinating against Alice. She can manipulate the battlefield, surprising with redirected damage. Luo Yi’s Yin-yang Overturn skill can disrupt Alice’s plans and give you a strategic edge.

Closing Thoughts: Flipping the Script on Alice

Alice might be a big deal in Mobile Legends Season 31, but these Mage heroes bring their A-game. Lylia, Kagura, Valir, Harith, and Luo Yi can counter Alice effectively, giving you a shot at victory in the Land of Dawn. So, next time you’re up against Alice, consider these Mage heroes as your go-to pals to shift the odds in your favor. Good luck out there!